Born out of the love for creation and individuality.  A celebration of the Bright, Bold and Beautiful. 
Designed by Corrie Davies, Out of the Ordinary is a true living embodiment of her designs. Taking inspiration from her travels around the world as well as the beauty in everyday experiences. Our collections are a result of imagination, colour and an undying love of decades of glamour.
"I enjoy creating exclusive bold pieces that can be styled completely different for each individual that wears them. Every collection I make is different to the last, drawing inspiration from different era's and the countries I visit discovering new textiles, prints and techniques along the way." Corrie Davies, Designer.



 Our Promise

- We pride ourselves on providing unique style's which sometimes means we are unable to restock some of our items due to the availability of our fabrics.

- To work in close partnership with artisans to create sustainable employment that is socially and environmentally-responsible. Continuing to achieve our goals in becoming as sustainable as possible and strive to manufacture our clothes with care and consideration to all those involved.