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OOTO was born in the back of a 1976 Toyota winnebago called Dolly in 2013.  I arrived in Australia with a hunger for adventure and a determination to follow my dreams to design and sell clothes that brought colour, fun and frivolity to peoples lives. Not seeing fashion as an accessory but something meaningful that uplifts people into their own creativity, beauty and unique expression. 


As I travelled through the vast Australian landscape, from desert to tropics my imagination expanded beyond the horizon. I started to make small collections to sell at the markets in Melbourne, where I eventually settled after months on the road. When it was time to move on, I weaved my way through India, Bali and the European festivals immersing myself in the culture and influences I could translate into something that I and my customers would wear.. Looking everywhere for the extraordinary hidden in everyday life.


OOTO has since become a mainstay at UK festivals such as Glastonbury, Wilderness, the late Secret Garden Party, Shambala, Womad, Lovebox to name a few, where the stall is a vibrant hub of dress up and decadence. But while the festivals will always be a home away from home, I knew I wanted to grow and expand and ground into a home. I’ve met life long friends through the festival circuit and it has elevated and moulded my brand to what it is today.


From one woman driving a 2 ton truck around Australia flogging her wears at markets and festivals, I’m now a one-woman-business with a global base of amazing customers. I’ve made the move to the magical isle of Ibiza to put roots down. I have an incredible support network including my amazing family who help me with anything from photoshoots to order send outs, to the glamorous job of building the OOTO stall at festivals in the glorious UK summer rain. My beautiful Bonnie Meadow, now 3 is my little muse and with another on the way to join our family, we get busier and bigger every day. 


I wouldn’t be where I was without my wonderful tailors in India of whom I’ve been with from the beginning, a family of three whose business has doubled in size since I started working with them. See our ‘Meet The Makers’ section to find out more.


I’m growing in every way but I still stay true to being a small, independent label with a personal touch and having had the privilege of roaming the world on this journey. I also strive to be as kind to the earth as possible and I’m constantly working on ways to make my business greener. You can find out more about this in my sustainability section.


And so, that is why OOTO stands for Out of the Ordinary. My journey has inspired the very essence of my brand and it’s why I love to create clothes that don’t reject the ordinary - but appreciate the extra that can be created from it and added to it.


Welcome to the OOTO family and our mission of making the world a more fabulous, stylish and brighter place.