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Our philosophy is simple, nothing is perfect but always give it your best shot.

It’s not an easy feat being sustainable in a world of growing consumption, but we’re doing our best to minimise our impact as much as possible. As an online retailer we already use 30% less energy than traditional retail spaces.


We make our garments out of ‘deadstock’ waste sold at surplus fabric markets and spend many hours hunting out the best and brightest material that the larger industry giants have discarded. We love seeking out the gems which sometimes have only been rejected for being slightly the wrong shade or a misprint. Using waste material means we are saving on water and resources. We try to use all the material, any bits left over get up-cycled into scrunchies, purses or underwear. And we don’t use animal products, with a lot of our old styles being synthetic - it’s 100% vegan.


We are also aware of the dilemma of using synthetic fabrics and the issue of micro plastics in the oceans and earth. We thought long and hard about this and while we would love to use all natural fabrics, we would be compromising our aesthetics and we feel good about our use of surplus fabrics. So we are now offering the option to purchase a micro fibre guppy laundry bag which collects the microfibres in the washing machine before they can go into the waterway.


Limited runs mean we are not part of the fast fashion chain.
We make smaller, more sustainable collections each season, only running two to three a year, striving to create timeless, classically glamorous pieces rather than keeping up to date with trends and fads. And by buying surplus fabric means we only have a certain amount of fabric to work with, making it even more unique.


We have changed our packaging to biodegradable and are avoiding single waste plastics where possible. As a small company, we are realistic that we need to take little steps, keep reminding ourselves that finding new ways of becoming sustainable takes time, practice and research but it is something that we are dedicated to improve every day. 



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